Strega: A True North End Legend

Strega is famous for its dramatic decor, celebrity clientele, unmatched hospitality, and most of all, the unforgettable Italian cuisine. It's also notorious for being one of the most difficult restaurants in Boston in which to get a seat, and has been hailed as having "Boston's Most Coveted Table Reservation". But what is it about this small, charming restaurant that makes it the most in-demand spot in the city night-after-night, year-after-year?

The Strega phenomenon exploded in 2003. Local customers filled its tables with such regularity that local and nation media had no choice but to take notice. Today, stars such as Justin Timberlake, Lebron James, Lorraine Bracco, Kate Hudson, Vincent Pastore, Diddy, John Mayer and many others call Strega their home when visiting Boston.

Strega proudly operates as a five-star restaurant and accepts reservations nightly.

Executive Chef: Salvatore Firicano

Known for his authentic Italian dishes and rich portions, Chef Salvatore Firicano, born and trained in Sicily, has transformed Strega Ristorante into one of the most revered destinations in North End dining. Come and experience Strega for yourself.